Special Thanks to the Shakti Society for being the latest Official Supporter of January!

Shakti Society Logo


Dear Friends of January,

Special thanks to the Shakti Society for being our latest Official Supporter.  Special thanks to Sonia Andhi for facilitating this sponsorship.

In Pride,

Alex Sangha (Founder) and Ash Brar (Moderator)

Sher Vancouver

Producers of January


This is a non-profit society dedicated to empowering individuals, families and communities. Our vision is to inspire, motivate and create vibrant communities by utilizing and enhancing the social capital of our citizens. We are committed to working with underprivileged members of our community and bringing resources together to support those in need.

The Shakti Awards were founded by Sonia Andhi in an effort to recognize the work and efforts of women in our community. Every year, several women are presented with the Shakti award for showing courage, determination and grace in various fields. The Shakti society will support this initiative and raise funds through this event to create a project to raise awareness around women’s issues on an ongoing basis.

One of the goals of Shakti Society is to form a network of agencies that collaborate and support all efforts to create a safe and connected community. Shakti Society with the support of current media outlets will initiate programs that will reach the isolated populations of our community to help them meet their basic rights of food, clothing, shelter and living with dignity.

The purposes of the society are:

  • To create awareness around current issues impacting women, children and families through media and public forums.
  • To collaborate with similar societies and initiatives in Canada to enhance services available to women, children and families

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