Check out the endorsements for My Name Was January




“My Name Was January is a poignant, gentle exploration of the joy January brought to her friends and community. A gentleness that is all the starker given the violence of her death. This is a nuanced detailing of the life of a trans woman of colour and the journeys of grief for those she left behind. A compelling memoir of a life taken too soon.”

Jen Marchbank, Professor, Department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, Simon Fraser University


“My Name Was January is a moving, authentic tribute to January Marie Lapuz, a transgender Filipino woman who was brutally murdered in British Columbia, Canada. The focus of the film is not the crime but the much-loved human being that January was. This is a valuable addition to the small but growing number of publicized stories about visible minority LGBTQ+, a community that’s often marginalized and neglected on many counts. Surrey Libraries is proud to continue its support of Sher Vancouver’s LGBTQ+ initiatives, including a public screening of My Name Was January at our location.”

Surinder Bhogal, Chief Librarian, Surrey Libraries


“When I watched ‘My Name Was January’, I could tell that the film was made from a community of love, who deeply cares about not only the memory of January but for the betterment of the community to be more inclusive of trans folks. The film shares the beauty of community support and love, and gives a home for a better future for LGBTQ folks living in the margins.”

David Ng, Co-Founder, Love Intersections


“I was so moved by the interviews – I found myself tearing up and then smiling and then tearing up again – at different points, all throughout the film. And I feel lucky and privileged to – through the film – have gotten to know January just a little bit.”

Christopher Cook, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Vancouver, B.C.


“My Name Was January is an emotional journey that takes us to the very core of who January was, a joie de vivre that brought happiness to all. As a critical social justice educator, at the school where January once attended, LA Matheson Secondary in Surrey, it will be an honour to use this film in my Social Justice classes to explore humanity and the beauty of all LGBTQ folk.”

Annie Ohana, Indigenous Department Head, Social Justice Curriculum Specialist, LA Matheson Secondary, Surrey, B.C.


“My Name Was January is a touching testament that honours the life of an incredible individual – January Marie Lapuz. The filmmakers have provided a platform to keep January’s legacy alive. Further, the film highlights the strength and resilience of community and family as they grapple with an unspeakable tragedy. This film is an important achievement and a must-see for students and scholars of gender studies, but also for all Canadians!”

Lisa Smith, Department of Sociology, Douglas College, New Westminster, B.C.


“The vision of the Snakebite Film Festival is “uncovering cultures, connecting communities.” My Name Was January captures the essence of the festival where it highlights the intersections between mainstream heteronormative culture and marginalized sub-cultures. The common theme is that they all have families and friends who equally love and care for one another. This film captures the emotion of love in all of its beauty and the grief that comes with the loss of a child and friend”

Carl Meadows, Snakebite Film Festival, Penticton, B.C.

The BC Premiere of My Name Was January will be held at the Snakebite Film Festival in Penticton on January 31, 2019, on “opening night.”

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