January’s Documentary and Official Trailer

January Marie Lapuz

January Marie Lapuz was a transgender woman of colour who was murdered in September 2012 in New Westminster, British Columbia. A grassroots, community-driven, “Justice for January” march followed shortly afterwards.

January was born in Santiago, the Philippines on April 9, 1986, and later immigrated to Vancouver, Canada with her adoptive mother.  She was an advocate for trans rights and was known as the “bright light” among Vancouver’s LGBTQ community.

January’s glowing heart has inspired and touched many across the community and through sharing her story, we hope to emit her light, legacy, and advocacy.

This documentary feature film is a celebration of January’s life, among other trans women of colour. This film is about remembering the impact that January had on the lives of everyone she encountered. This film is about uplifting the narratives and lived experiences of trans women of colour. This film is about collectively liberating all marginalized and oppressed people.

Trans women of colour are being murdered at an unprecedented rate and it is critical we stand in solidarity with trans women and fight for justice and trans rights, support trans narratives, and push for the eradication of transmisogyny.

The film will be directed by two women of colour sociology and journalism students, Lenee Son and Elina Gress and produced by Sher Vancouver.



Official Trailer – My Name Was January



Lenee Son

My name is Lenée. I am a freelance writer and photojournalist based in Metro Vancouver, B.C.

I have a strong interest in social issues pertaining to race, gender, and human rights. Especially as a woman of colour and second-generation survivor of genocide, I am passionate about promoting and supporting human rights through my work.

When I am not writing or snapping photographs, you might find me reading, training for my first sprint triathlon, or drinking copious amounts of green tea.


Elina Gress

I am a freelance multimedia journalist, primarily photojournalist, in the search for a greater understanding of our world. With a passion for wildlife conservation and preservation, I hope to one day go on assignment with National Geographic.

I promote healthy living and hope to bring new life to critically endangered animals in the world. Not to mention having an admiration for people. Telling people’s stories from their perspective and not my own. Telling stories that can change people’s hearts and minds through photography and documentary. I wish to do all of this while travelling the world and experiencing it first-hand.




Alex Sangha

Alex Sangha is the Founder of Sher Vancouver.  He has an MSc in Public Administration and Public Policy from the Department of Government from the London School of Economics and a Master of Social Work from Dalhousie University.  Alex has worked as a social worker, instructor, clinician, youth counsellor, and team leader.  Alex is the recipient of the Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) from the Governor General of Canada.


Ash Brar

Ash is the President of Sher Vancouver.  He was January’s best friend.



(In order of appearance)

January Marie Lapuz

Josh Soronow

Ash Brar

Velvet Steele

Betty Lapuz

Alex Sangha

Natasha Adsit

Kelendria Nation

Pam Hayer